How Does it work

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step towards getting exposure for your film.
We offer different plans to fit your needs, but in general, here’s what happens next.

Step #1 (Web Page Creation): You’ll answer a series of questions that allows us to create a web page for your film. Even if your cousin went to MIT and already made you a website, it doesn’t matter. You need (and trust us, want) a MovieFind site that is optimized to get your film found for the “keywords” we’re about to talk about in Step #2.

Step #2 (“Keyword” Identification): If you don’t know what a keyword is, it’s time to learn! A keyword or key phrase refers to the words people use when searching on the internet. Do more people search using the word “movies” or “films”? How many searches per month are there worldwide for certain keywords? We’ll help you identify keywords to attract the largest number of searchers and drive them to your page.

Step #3 (Analytics: Watch It Unfold): With MovieFind, you’re going to look at the same data for your project that the big studios do for their projects. Through your MovieFind page, you’ll track KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). You’ll have a ton of information available at all times, such as (a) how many views your page is receiving, (b) how long people are spending on each page, (c) whether they are downloading, (c) whether they are going to another VOD source (i.e., Netflix, Amazon), (d) age, gender, and geographacial demographics, and on and on. You’ll see the exposure for your project increase month after month.

Now what? Life just got a whole lot easier for you as film maker. Your downloads are on the rise. You have gained sponsors who want to list their products and services on your page. And you now have a proven track record for your next project. You’ve done what independent film makers have long been struggling to do – you’ve been able to monetize your creativity!

See the home page for plans and pricing to fit your needs and budget.